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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is Sprague School organizing a BYOiPad experience?
Q: What kind of iPad can my child bring to school?
Q: Will the BYO ipads be wiped clean?
Q: What if we cannot supply a device from home? Will my child be left out of the 1:1 environment?
Q: Should I be concerned about screen time?
Q: Is traditional learning at risk?
Q: Will my child be supervised during iPad usage?
Q: Will there be assignments to complete on the iPad each night?
Q: Does the BYOiPad come home each night?
Q: How will you handle students accessing inappropriate websites during school?
Q: What if the device is stolen or damaged?
Q: How can we keep the iPad safe during use?
Q: If something is wrong with my child's device, who fixes it?
Q: How do I clean the device?